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$70 000

FoodTruck Business

Great Food Business Opportunity in Texas. 5 Years Old Business Expertise. Well known Brand in Town. Ready to grow as a...

Organisational assistance, Central purchasing, Protection against competitors
$36 000

Beauty Salon in Lawrenceville, GA (Gwinnett Couty)

Business Description Beautiful upscale salon conveniently located on busy Pleasent Hill Road in the North of Gwinnett, in a very...

With tangible assets, Intermediary, Inexpensive
$340 000

20% stake in the company "a second passport" (United States)

"The second passport is a large American company that provides clients the possibility of immigration in more than 50 countries...

Part (share) of business, Equity participation, Marketing concept / Suggestions
$150 000 - $900 000

Transport company in the United States

Transport company in Los Angeles. Activities: business services and transfers.

Existing, No or minimal investments, Intermediary
$15 000

Florida coastal windows

Florida Coastal Windows empresa legalmente constituida desde el 2014 en West Palm Beach Florida con ventas mínimas al año de...

Existing, Intermediary, Inexpensive
$55 000

50% of the company for the transportation of furniture

Furniture company (private houses, offices, warehouses). Young company, needed an infusion for further growth. At the moment...

Ongoing, Relocatable, Vehicles
$350 000

Transport company

The company operates (really) from 2013 onwards. Based in Los Anlzheles. Main activities: transport-forwarding service of direct...

Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
$540 000

Trade to address a health issue

Trade in downtown area with excellent location and customers. Ten years of uninterrupted activity. Unique in the area and...

Existing, With tangible assets, Intermediary
$2 500

Amazon account

Amazon selling account with the goods in a warehouse in the United States. The balance of about 220 PCs. Margin mines. 100% Do...

Existing, Intermediary, Inexpensive
$50 000

Digital Marketing/SEO company

Buy Digital Marketing/SEO company in the United States with a clean history. The company for two months. Complied with all the...

No or minimal investments, Intermediary, Inexpensive

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