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Selling | Mining and processing of subsoil resources For Sale in the United States

US$ 6 514 000

CBD oil extraction business


With a private entrance, Old business, Furnished
buy | Popular Jewelry Business With Rental Property |
US$ 1 294 000

Popular Jewelry Business With Rental Property


Related Businesses Jewellers Jewellers in Middlesex County Businesses in Middlesex County A popular jewelry and precious metal evaluation business in a top location is available for sale.

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US$ 0

2 Х USA Southeastern Colocation Center’s

New York

A colocation center (also spelled co-location, or colo) or “ carrier hotel”, is a type of data centre where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to retail customers. Colocation...

Free, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
US$ 171 500

Royalty Investment Banking Strategies Fund & Trust


For Sale: Intellectual property for newly-registered investment bank named Royalty Investment Banking Strategies Fund & Trust. Assets Description - Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust has a...

No or minimal investments, Existing, Inexpensive
US$ 6 400 000 - US$ 9 600 000

An alternative data platform and AI algorithm


Increase Alpha has developed a proprietary alternative data platform that powers an AI stock prediction algorithm which has consistently outperformed all major indices for the last 18 months. Utilizing...

Investment planning, Product information, Business management
buy | All Inclusive Napa Auto Parts An Accessories |
US$ 925 000

All Inclusive Napa Auto Parts An Accessories


Related Businesses Auto Repair Businesses Miscellaneous Retail Businesses Auto Repair Businesses in Arizona Miscellaneous Retail Businesses in...

buy | Motel In Greenwood |
US$ 362 081

Motel In Greenwood


Related Businesses Motels Motels in British Columbia Businesses in British Columbia Located on Highway 3, about midway between Osoyoos and Grand Forks, Greenwood...

buy | Modern canting sawmill In Prince George | CA450596
US$ 1 462 952

Modern canting sawmill In Prince George

Prince George

This 16 foot random dimension lumber and canting sawmill is for sale immediately. located on a 15 hectare gravel site, the modern sawmill is located just south of the main industrial park in prince george, bc, canada.

Existing, Intermediary, Free
US$ 12 933 090

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Distribution Business


This company markets liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic, industrial and agricultural use in central Italy, with its own logistic structures, it has been around for many decades. The company deals...

No or minimal investments, Ongoing, Inexpensive
buy | Sawmill company | BA182952
US$ 1 185 533

Sawmill company


Our company Ivex d.o. o. Vlasenica is owner of sawmill in Vlasenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We produce rough sawn lumber from fir. We sell all our business: agreements with log suppliers, production, receivables, customer database etc.

Inter-regional activities, By the water, With electricity
US$ 110 000 000

Large Oil & oil products storage facility


Started operations in 2006 and its activity profile is acceptance, temporary storage and further transshipment of light petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, solvent oil). During the construction and development of the terminal, the most advanced and safe technologies were used.

No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
US$ 220 000 000

Active Oil Production Business


Oil is an economically and strategically crucial resource for many nations due to its basis for much of the energy that we consume. • Exploration and production contract until 2024 • Location –...

No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
US$ 11 000 000

Profitable Oil Refinery in UAE


Company owns and operates an oil refinery located on 6,000 sq.m. of owned land. Refinery currently produces 3,000 MT/day with a goal to reach 5,000 MT/day in the next quarter. Refinery has various end products that depend on the raw material provided by the supplier.

Good, Profit-making, Interesting
US$ 55 000 000

Oil State-of-the-art modern storage


•State-of-the-art modern storage located in the UAE, operational since April 2020 with Own Pipelines running from both the Main Harbour and the Inner Harbour.´ Keypoints Land plot of 11’250 m 2, where...

No or minimal investments, Ongoing, Inexpensive
US$ 253 000 000

Established Refinery


Established Refinery in Dubai for sale. The refinery comes complete with Crude Distillation Unit, Hydrodesulfurization Units, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Reformer Unit, Penex Unit, Hydro Cracking Unit, Isomerization Units, Vis-breaking unit and much more.

No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
US$ 104 000 000

Established Producing Oilfield Business


Producing oilfield located in Mangystau region of Kazakhstan, the Company owns subsoil use rights for exploration and production of crude oil and gas condensate in Mangystau region of Kazakhstan. Neighboring oilfields include Tengiz, Kashagan, Kalamkas, Karazhanbas, Buzachi, and others.

No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
US$ 100 000 000

Established Oil & Gas Kazakh Business


This Established Oil & Gas Kazakh Business is the holder of the right of subsoil use according to the Contract for exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the square “OIL Field”, the territory of Aktobe region.

No or minimal investments, Inexpensive

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