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International portal for buying and selling businesses and commercial assets
The most efficient way in India to profitably buy or sell own businesses and assets

Our Benefits

Business Asset Exchange is a universal online platform equally beneficial for:

  • sellers of established business, franchise, real estate, equipment or other business assets;
  • brokers and experts offering their services;
  • buyers searching for attractive listings.


You can sell business assets on Business Asset Exchange faster and more successfully.

Quick result is ensured by:

Up-to-date database of buyers

Alert about your listing is immediately sent to all buyers who took interest in similar advertisements earlier.

International level

Web portals of Business Asset Exchange operating in 239+ countries around the world, so your offer will see foreign buyers, who in many cases are willing to pay more *.

Distribution to other websites

Automatic listing of your advertisement on other popular trading platforms.

Unique offer!

Today, until the database of listings is completly filled, Business Asset Exchange gives you the opportunity to have your advertisement about business asset sale listed for FREE!

ATTENTION: The number of free listings for each city in this country and duration of the campaign are limited!

Get a chance to use the unique offer provided by Business Asset Exchange to sell your business asset quickly!


Business Asset Exchange is the best way to find new customers who need exactly your services.

If you become a partner of the international portal, you will:

Get listed in the broker and expert directory

Your profile in the directory can be shown to a large number of potential customers. Internet websites of Business Asset Exchange, operating in 239+ countries around the world, are visited definitely more often than a website of an individual broker. Please note that extended profiles also contain independent reviews of customers influencing on final decision which professional to select.

Have possibility to receive alerts for expert selection requests

Brokers and expert selection requests, created by portal users can be directed to you automatically. You will get access to the database of customers willing to pay for the services and are actively looking for professionals!

Super bonus!

Only now, until the customer database is completly filled, Business Asset Exchange gives unique opportunity for brokers and experts to have their profile listed on the website for FREE!

ATTENTION: The offer is limited in time! Upon reaching of target website traffic, listing of new profiles will be paid for!

Get a chance to use the unique offer proveded by Business Asset Exchange and find new customers from 239+ countries of the world for free even today!


Business Asset Exchange is the smartest way to find up-to-date listings spending minimum time and efforts.

If you join the international project, you will:

Get access to enormous database of up-to-date listings

Portal management attaches particular importance to the quality and validity of listings.

Spare your time

Sign up for alerts, and you will instantly receive information about the listings you are interested in. Meanwhile you will even not have to visit the website!

Get a smart system of listing selection

The portal gives you the possibility to use over one hundred deep and detailed filters to single out the listings you require and get new listing alerts.

Save your time and effort!

Get a chance to sign up for free email alerts about new sale listings and be the first to receive information on best assets today!

Business Asset Exchange stands for quick and profitable sale and purchase of business assets in this country and 239+ countries worldwide!

* – while the listing database and broker directory are still being filled in, information from the local segment is temporarily unavailable for users from other countries.
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