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About Us

We are an international alliance of websites providing services in the field of sale and purchase of existing businesses, franchises, real estate, equipment and other commercial assets. We successfully operate in 220+ countries worldwide. Our headquarters are located in Switzerland.

Business Asset Exchange is a local branch of the international alliance of online platforms, which specialize in services for the sale of business assets in 220+ countries around the world. The key investor of all these portals is Dynamis Investments (Swiss investment fund).

An innovative approach to selling and buying of existing business and commercial assets made the sites popular both with buyers and sellers and with brokers and experts.

Business Asset Exchange stands for Swiss reliability, independence and full confidentiality of information for quick and profitable sale and purchase of assets.

Key facts and figures


Zurich, Switzerland

International network

220+ countries worldwide:
Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, India, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Greece, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Czechia, Ukraine, Iceland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Argentina, Lithuania, Belarus, Austria, Latvia.

Important notes:

  • cross-border display of local listings to the buyers from other countries is possible*;
  • buyers abroad have higher business valuation levels.
Complete buyer database (Worldwide)

215,000+ people

Important notes:

  • notifications are sent to buyers as soon as a suitable offer for them is posted.
Sites visits (Worldwide)

790,000+ visitors per month


Almost all potential buyers in this country

Create a listing


Listings in the database (Worldwide)

84,000+ listings

Listed by the business owners

50+% of listings have direct contacts of business owners (not agents)

Up-to-date listings

The listings are up-to-date and valid due to:

  • social moderation by the users themselves;
  • spot check by site administration.
Convenient and time saving

Over 100+ different filters for easy selection and sorting of listings according to individual requirements of each user.

The most detailed listing questionnaire (150+ options).

New listing alerts

Easy customization of alerts for listings matching specific requirements of the buyer


Brokers and specialists

Brokers and experts (Worldwide)

600+ detailed profiles of brokers and experts worldwide

Important notes:

  • profiles contain independent reviews and appraisals of clients;
  • the directory includes brokers, lawyers, appraisers and other professionals one may need.
Profile viewed (Worldwide)

24,000+ people per month

Smart selection of professionals

Unique listing system for broker and expert selection requests, enabling the required professionals to respond directly to the requests of potential customers.

  • substantial time saved for customers and professionals
Requests for professional selection (Worldwide)

1,000+ requests per month

6,000+ responses of professionals per month

Alerts for professional selection requests

Auto alert for brokers and experts about new relevant requests enables the professionals to submit their proposals promptly.

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Business valuation calculator

Free online valuation by comparing with current regional asking prices for similar businesses

Business valuation calculator

Our mission

The mission of international alliance participants is:

  • To bring the selling and buying of established businesses, franchises and commercial assets in this country to an international level, providing new and fresh opportunities to entrepreneurs ensuring profitable and fast deals
  • To provide maximum comfort and functionality of the portal by guaranteed high quality and up-to-date information with a user-friendly interface
  • Continuously develop the platform, extending its features to enhance efficiency in making transactions
  • Business Asset Exchange is a comprehensive and effective approach in buying and selling existing business and commercial assets!
* – while the listing database and broker directory are still being filled in, information from the local segment is temporarily unavailable for users from other countries.

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