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$5 016 000

50% of my company shares

Engaged in the supplier of livestock feed raw materials.

Existing, With tangible assets, Inexpensive
$516 000

Nutritional products company

American company in the area of nutrition, with about 20different products selling in the North American market. One of his products was being sold on television and had mentions in famous Hispanic shows...

Fresh business, In the administrative and business building, Downtown
$263 000

Social network

Fully Ready Social Network (monetized)

Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
$37 000 - $55 000

Cafe Giros Shashaki with delivery Yandex, Deliveri

In 150 meters from the metro, as well as 50meters from the train station, 30meters from the design of the factory bottle for sale ready Café For the sale of Giros, Shauram, Shashshkov, etc. with...

No or minimal investments, In the crowded place, Bottleneck location
$160 000 - $940 000

Transport company in the United States

Transport company in Los Angeles. Activities: business services and transfers.

Existing, No or minimal investments, Intermediary
$55 000

50% of the company for the transportation of furniture

Furniture company (private houses, offices, warehouses). Young company, needed an infusion for further growth. At the moment there are several well-known business account to a certain extent records in...

Ongoing, Relocatable, Vehicles
$350 000

Transport company

The company operates (really) from 2013 onwards. Based in Los Anlzheles. Main activities: transport-forwarding service of direct cargo owners. Ma. Retails for $350,000. The ideal tool for obtaining green...

Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
$2 500

Amazon account

Amazon selling account with the goods in a warehouse in the United States. The balance of about 220 PCs. Margin mines. 100% Do not what is not necessary except advertising. Amazon itself prepares and sends...

Existing, Intermediary, Inexpensive
$300 000

Crossfit Gym In San Bernardino County

Related Businesses Health and Fitness Clubs Miscellaneous Health and Beauty Businesses Health and Fitness Clubs in San Bernardino County ...

$86 400

Pool Route Service - La Quinta

Related Businesses Miscellaneous Maintenance Businesses Swimming Pool Businesses Miscellaneous Maintenance Businesses in Riverside Swimming Pool...

$238 000

Branded Sandwich Restaurant In Sacramento

Related Businesses Sandwich Shops / Sandwich Delivery Businesses Sandwich Shops / Sandwich Delivery Businesses in California - North Businesses in California -...

$500 000

Smart Braking Patents And Company

Related Businesses Auto Repair Businesses Miscellaneous Vehicle Related Businesses Auto Repair Businesses in Riverside County Miscellaneous Vehicle...

$4 395 000

Immigration USA And Lottery Company In San Jose

Related Businesses Lawyers / Legal Firms Lawyers / Legal Firms in San Jose Businesses in San Jose This company offers what two thirds of the planet wants...

$3 500 000

Metal Plastic And Glass Recycling Incl Property

Related Businesses Metal Products Manufacturers Recycling Businesses Metal Products Manufacturers in California - South Recycling Businesses in...

$349 000

Fried Chicken Restaurant With Catering Service

Related Businesses Catering Businesses Miscellaneous Food Retailers Specialist Food Retailers Catering Businesses in San Jose...

$750 000

B2B Telemarketing Business Supply Business In Los Angeles

Related Businesses Stationery and Office Supply Businesses Miscellaneous Distribution Businesses Computer Stores Stationery and Office Supply...

$349 500

Profitable Tire And Auto Repair Business

Related Businesses Miscellaneous Service Businesses Auto Repair Businesses Tire Businesses Miscellaneous Service Businesses in San Fernando Valley...

$160 000

OB And GYN Practice In Southern California

Related Businesses Medical Practices Medical Practices in California - South Businesses in California - South Gross Income 2014= $321,251...

$900 000

Commercial & Residential Plumbing Company With Real Estate

Related Businesses Plumbing Businesses Estate Agencies Plumbing Businesses in Bakersfield Estate Agencies in Bakersfield Businesses in...

$150 000

Mac Perez Auto Body And Paint Business

Related Businesses Vehicle Accessory Shops Fabrication Businesses Auto Repair Businesses Vehicle Accessory Shops in San Jose ...

$550 000

Liquor Store In South Orange County

Related Businesses Liquor Stores and Off Licences Liquor Stores and Off Licences in Orange County Businesses in Orange County This 4,000 square ft end unit...

$150 000

Dairy Queen And Orange Julius

Related Businesses Fast Food Franchises Smoothie / Yogurt Bars Fast Food Franchises in San Diego County Smoothie / Yogurt Bars in San Diego County...

$125 000

Photography Firm Business In Northern Caifornia

Related Businesses Photographic Service Businesses Events Businesses Photographic Service Businesses in California - North Events Businesses in...

$225 000

Cafe And Restaurant

Related Businesses Miscellaneous Restaurants Non Franchise Fast Food Businesses Café Bars Miscellaneous Restaurants in California - South...

$179 000

North California Top Rated Window And Door Installer

Related Businesses Miscellaneous Construction Businesses Specialist Subcontractors Miscellaneous Construction Businesses in San Francisco Bay Area...

$699 000

Mental Health Multi Discipline Clinic

Related Businesses Health Care Businesses Medical Practices Health Care Businesses in San Bernardino County Medical Practices in San Bernardino...

$150 000

Pizza Restaurant In North Orange County

Related Businesses Non Franchise Fast Food Businesses Pizza Restaurants Non Franchise Fast Food Businesses in Orange County Pizza Restaurants in...

$259 000

Retail Video Game Shop

Related Businesses Video Game Stores Miscellaneous Retail Businesses Video Game Stores in California Miscellaneous Retail Businesses in California...

$150 000

Price Reduced Recycling Center In Riverside County

Related Businesses Environmental Related Businesses Recycling Businesses Environmental Related Businesses in Riverside County Recycling Businesses...

$277 500

30 Year Old Exotic Flowers Florist

Related Businesses Florists Florists in Santa Clara County Businesses in Santa Clara County This is a great opportunity to buy a well-established florist that...

$297 000

Tires And Auto Repair In Sacramento

Related Businesses Auto Repair Businesses Miscellaneous Vehicle Related Businesses Auto Repair Businesses in Sacramento Miscellaneous Vehicle...

$1 400 000

Very Exclusive Construction Supply

Related Businesses Construction Supply Businesses Construction Supply Businesses in California - North Businesses in California - North Very exclusive high end...

$79 000

Salon In San Francisco

Related Businesses Hair and Beauty Salons Miscellaneous Health and Beauty Businesses Hair and Beauty Salons in San Francisco Miscellaneous Health...

$7 500

Internet Dropship Gift And Decor Business In Glenn County

Related Businesses Miscellaneous Internet Businesses E-Commerce Businesses Websites Miscellaneous Internet Businesses in Glenn County...

$499 000

Nightclub – Dance And Bottle Service In San Diego

Related Businesses Bars Nightclubs Pubs Bars in San Diego Nightclubs in San Diego Pubs in San Diego...

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