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Selling | Entertainment agencies for sale in Ireland

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$8 431

Local in Alicante/alacant

St Joan d'Alacant

$22 500

Wedding Agency in Poland

Warsaw Śródmieście

With tangible assets, No or minimal investments, Online only
$11 000 - $37 000

Agency for weddings abroad

Minsk Savyetski District

No or minimal investments, Near tourist attractions, On the front (red) line
$9 100

Business for children's holidays

Minsk Zavodski District

Existing, Inexpensive, Individual entrepreneur (IE)

Business Agency holidays


Existing, From the owner (private), Inexpensive
$19 200

Event and Holiday Company


Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
$6 700

Holiday Agency (animators)

Kiev Svyatoshynskyi district

Cost-effective, Unusual, Good
$0 - $30 000

The Agency organizing events

Kiev Solomyanskyi district

With tangible assets, Training and consultations, Primary training
$2 800

Floral Studio, event design

Kiev Solomyanskyi district

Reorganisation, Phone consultation, Studies
$17 817

Event agency

Kiev Obolonskyi district

Existing, Intermediary, Inexpensive
$1 710

Event agency

Kiev Pecherskyi district

Micro (small) business, Old business, Best
$9 500

Event-agency-holidays, corporate events

Kiev Pecherskyi district

Old business, Individual entrepreneur (IE), Profit-making
$16 400

Event Agency

Kiev Pecherskyi district

Investments required , Successful, Online only
$23 163

Ready made educational and entertainment business

Kiev Dniprovskyi district

Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
$2 800

Wedding Decorations

Kiev Dniprovskyi district

Unusual, Design, Inventories
$7 851

Wedding Agency

St Petersburg

Existing, Inexpensive, Equipment
$11 200

Holiday Agency

St Petersburg Admiralteysky

Old business, Existing, Inexpensive

Agency of children's holidays


Good, Interesting, Advice on recruitment
$2 100 - $3 150

Network of festive agencies "Shop of Miracles"


Investments required , Reorganisation, Best
$6 600

Agency of children's holidays


Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do you have the most listings from owners in Ireland?

We are not intermediaries and do not charge a commission. Any buyer can directly contact the seller who placed a listing with us.

How to submit the listing for free?

To submit the listing, you must click on the green button “Create a listing” in the upper right corner of the page and fill out the questionnaire in the most detail.

How do you sell businesses the fastest in Ireland?

In addition to the fact that we have high traffic from search engines and social networks, we have accumulated our own large customer base.

Do you provide services of brokers, lawyers and auditors?

We do not provide consulting services. Nevertheless, private specialists work with us. If you leave a request, they will promptly contact you.

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