Asda makes £27m investment in food quality

Asda has today announced it is investing £27 million in quality improvements across its fresh food business.

The UK’s second largest supermarket revealed that it can now increase the frequency of quality control checks in its supply chain thanks to the greater number of quality assurance inspectors operating across its depots and supplier farms.

Market-leading butchery specifications on all its fresh meat items have also been introduced, meaning customers should be able to see improvements in key products such as sirloin and rump steaks, pork loins and legs of lamb.

Additionally fresh produce is now more widely sourced following the acquisition of importer International Produce Limited by Asda’s US parent company Walmart.

This comes after the successful launch of its ‘Chosen by You’ offering, a range of products that only arrived on the market after the opinions of a representative sample of shoppers at all the major grocery retailers across the UK had been sought.

Andy Clarke, Asda President and CEO, said: “Having successfully completed the rollout of ‘Chosen by You’ we are now embarking on the next phase of our quality programme.

“We are investing £27 million introducing market-leading quality specifications across all of our fresh meat and produce.

“And through a combination of significantly more quality controls on our farms and in our depots, and by removing unnecessary middlemen along the way, we’ve been able to enhance the quality of our fresh food and keep prices low for customers.”