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Thomas Hisch

Managing Director

Result-oriented business leader with enormous experience in industry, technology and consulting.

He has obtained an impressive economic and business education in an MBA program (IMD, ESCP and Trinity College).

20 years of experience in various positions (from Project Manager to Integration Director) and in companies of various types (from 2 to 200 000 employees).

Personally managed over 20 major projects in businesses acquisition and integration.

He is fluent in 3 languages (English, German and French) and he worked in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the USA for a considerable amount of time.

Andrey Suvorov

Director of Business Development, Vice President

An experienced specialist in European investments.

Vitaly has an impressive economic educational background (NRU - Higher School of Economics). A member of the International CFA Association since 2011. A qualified member of the Russian stock market (1.0 FFMS, 5.0 FFMS).

4 years experience in Russian and international investment companies and hedge funds, 3 years experience in consulting and in Russian public sector at regional and federal levels, in-depth knowledge in the field of valuation and company development strategy.

He has a significant portfolio of projects on implementation of new activities and optimisation of business processes in companies belonging to various economic sectors.

He can speak 3 languages (Russian, English and Spanish).

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