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Why do we only list high-quality listings?

What is a high-quality business sale listing?

It’s easy: a high-quality listing is up-to-date and contains the maximum amount of useful and reliable information.

Offers on Business Asset Exchange meet these criteria!

  • Listings are periodically checked by administrators;
  • Any user may complain about the listing if it is not valid any longer or contains incorrect information.

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We can notify you by email of the new high-quality listings on the website.

4 strong points...

New listing alerts are convenient and time saving!

No mediators

You will be able to take the opportunity to get listings directly from owners and thus will not pay extra money for mediators.

Flexible criteria

Be the first to get listings that meet best all of your criteria, without spending too much time and putting any extra effort, due to the fine filters (more than 100 options).

Detailed information

Get detailed information from the listing form taking into account more than 150 parameters and revealing important nuances that need to be taken into consideration when make a purchase.

Reliable information

Enjoy website administration support - if you find any inaccuracies or errors in seller's ads, you can always contact the website administrator, who will promptly take all necessary measures.

In addition, the administration independently carries out regular monitoring, making spot checks of the ads.

The perfect offer is already waiting for you on Business Asset Exchange!

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We can notify you by email of the new high-quality listings on the website.

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