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Selling | Primary product processing businesses for sale in Canada

C$ 5 000 000

Soymilk & Non-Dairy Technology Company

The company builds soymilk production systems based on its patetented technology and sells them all over the world. some of the best known soymilk brands in many countries are established with this...

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C$ 469 186

Commercial Land


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C$ 1 135 924

Commercial Land


Related Businesses Land Misc Properties Land in Multnomah County Misc Properties in Multnomah County Businesses in Multnomah...

C$ 2 160 724

Former Dealership Property


Related Businesses Misc Properties Misc Properties in South Dakota Businesses in South Dakota This property once was the Chevy and Cadillac auto dealership. The...

C$ 617 350

Urban Storage On Demand

San Francisco

Related Businesses E-Commerce Businesses Self Storage Warehouses E-Commerce Businesses in California Self Storage Warehouses in California...

C$ 369 175

Home Vacation Rental And Management Business


Related Businesses Misc Properties Misc Properties in Kissimmee Businesses in Kissimmee 8 yr old vacation Co. Nice mix of larger bdrm executive homes. Great...

C$ 463 012

Assisted Living Facility


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C$ 59 312

Commercial Property In Gateshead


Related Businesses Misc Properties Misc Properties in Gateshead Businesses in Gateshead Angels Delights, 172-174 Prince Consort Road, Gateshead, NE84 DU...

C$ 6 000

My corn mill business (maize, pepper, yam etc.)


Your status: I am the sole owner of the corn mill business. We have three machines two of which run on electric motors and the other runs on power generator. Our main line of business involves milling...

Existing, No or minimal investments, Inexpensive
C$ 1 165 000

Meat production

Luunja Parish

Building, 1359 m 2. Land 35000 m 2. Trade brand since 1999. Contracts with all food warehouses in Estonia. Contracts with traders and meat producers in Europe and Estonia. Contracts with retail...

Unprofitable, Primary training, Startup training

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Why do you have the most listings from owners in Canada?

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How do you sell businesses the fastest in Canada?

In addition to the fact that we have high traffic from search engines and social networks, we have accumulated our own large customer base.

Do you provide services of brokers, lawyers and auditors?

We do not provide consulting services. Nevertheless, private specialists work with us. If you leave a request, they will promptly contact you.

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