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Award Winning Manufacturer Of Micro Beer Brewery

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17.07.2017 at 09:30   

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Business description

The business started in 2002 under the name Wine Country Welcome Centre (WCWC). They bought an old Firehall building and totally renovated it. They opened the Toasted Oak Wine Bar & Grill and the Oliver VQA wine store. The owner was the manager of the restaurant and the wine store. The wine store sold wines on a commission base since they didn'€™t had the proper liquor licence at that time. In January 2010 they started building the beer brewery and incorporated this in the WCWC company. Because it was too much work for the owner to manage the restaurant, he decided to the change the management structure by outsourcing the restaurant business to someone else. In 2006 the restaurant was in the top hundred restaurant of whole Canada! On February 292008 they served to the Governor-general of Canada. In 2008 they won an award of the Best Location in BC. WCWC owns all the liquor and food licenses, building, land, all the equipment and beer brewery. On the second floor is a rental unit for office or residential use. In 2008 they engaged a consultant of TREC International to create the highest & Best use Development Strategy for the Wine Country Welcome Centre. One of the advice was to build out the existing building for boutique shops and hotel rooms. Another additional option is to expand the beer brewery on the lower part below the buildings above. The '€œThe Firehall'€ brewery is located in a completely renovated old Firehall building that has become an icon for the region and offers an interesting history. Because of its unique futures, interesting story, location and history, this building offered so far a great marketing tool for the brewery, but could be expanded into a much higher level. Currently they produce three staple beers. The Backdraft Blonde Ale, Stoked Ember Ale and the Holy Smoke Stout make up the flight of ales for now with plans of expanding down the line. The son of the owner is the brew master and is willing to stay on by overseeing the production on the current location and if desired on other locations as well. The brewhouse is a 10-hectorlitre system (1000 litres). The kettle can boil a maximum of 1300 litres, but considering the size of the mash/lauter tun, an optimal boil size is between 1000 and 1150 litres. They have two fermentors, each holds one 1000 L batch (1300 L max capacity), so they brew once per week (alternating fermentors). This allows for a fermentation capacity of 48,000 L per year. The brewhouse could potentially be used twice per day, so if they had 14 double-batch fermentors, they could brew two 1000 L batches every day, increasing the fermentation capacity to 730,000 L per year. This would require some upgrades to the equipment, and in the long-run it would be more efficient to add a 30-hectolitre brewhouse and double/triple-batch fermentors to the property and run both systems at the same time. They are negotiating contracts with five '€œThe Keg Steakhouses'€ to supply them with their beer. In April last year '€œThe Firehall'€ won a gold Medal, see attachment, and received a great number of publicity through food related magazines, news releases and TV news coverage. Please see the following news story link that hit Eat Magazine. It is a province wide publication that has added over a thousand hits to their brewery website http://www. eatmagazine. ca/first-look-firehall-brewery/. Recent news releases and TV news coverage for the brewery can be found on the webpage http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=3 AR60 unGHOY or visit their website http://www. firehallbrewery. com under Media. This property has unique liquor licences in place that will allow for production, onsite sales and tastings. Recently there was a change made in the liquor license, whereby a brewery owner can own other licensed establishments to sell their product. This opens up the marketing of the Firehall to people who are already in the liquor business and want to expand by having a small brewery. It is now also possible to ship beer across Canada. They are now in the position to have their beer on tap at the 30 wineries in the area. For your review I have attached an information package and a recent news release on the Firehal brewery. Included in the information package are plans, prepared by an architect, for a large or small expansion/use of the property. Of course there are many different options possible. This property is located in a high traffic area and is perfect for a commercial retail with tasting room in combination with a Hotel/Inn. The owner of the property owns all the equipment of the restaurant plus the food and liquor licences whereby the restaurant owner buys the beer from the brewery. The annual gross sales of the restaurant is over $1.2 million. The Firehall Brewery organized/sponsored many events throughout the year such as the October Fest at the community park and Back Alley concerts as per attachment. Oliver is in the middle of wine country and '€œThe Firehall'€ Brewery is the only beer brewery in the region. Oliver is very touristic in the summer but also in the winter with the ski hill close by. There is an option to use the existing restaurant for onsite sales, tasting and production. Before releasing any confidential information, the owner prefers meeting with potential buyers to discuss their sales, licenses, brewery process, financials, markets and the potentials of the brewery and check their amazing Firehall. The owner is willing to provide a vendor take back, so the new owner can be very successful in continuing and developing this brewery. The brewery can only be bought in conjunction with the property. Click on the link to a nice simple description of the brewery:

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