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Mexican restaurant near the sea

$157 000 - $236 000  
  • Form
    Sale established business
  • Activity:
  • Revenue (per month):
    $26 000 - $39 500
  • Cash Flow (per month):
    $5 200 - $7 900
  • Payback period (years):
  • Established (years):
  • Employees:
    2 - 10
  • Type
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Business description

This is an automatic translation of the description. The original language of the text is: Español

Best regards! Canadian business for sale. Come to Canada, take advantage of the rapid growth of immigration. The sale price is $250,000 Cdn. We have been in business for 8 years and if you are looking to start a business in Canada, you do not want to start from scratch, you want a business that is fully functioning and established with full liquor license, then we are your fi n your search Your company ownership will allow you to have a powerful trading influence with future owners and suppliers. In addition, we meet all immigration requirements for operational transparency, the amount of time in business, sales, employees, impact on the labor market and more. This is necessary in order to obtain permanent residency in Canada through sponsorship or nomination and we have already been able to provide an entire family with a permanent residence. We're selling the whole company and all the assets. It is a limited liability corporation, which is in full order with all government organizations and agencies, without debt and healthy benefits. The building will eventually be rebuilt, so you must negotiate a lease at a new location, but we will be helping it. Therefore, our 8 years at our current location are great to negotiate with the new owner or broker. The sale includes an advanced and functional positioning system, fully programmed with our full menu and modifiers. The hardware includes 5 new ipads, protective covers and safety brackets. 2, 4 k Apple TV receivers, 3 thermal printers. Complete operation manuals with documentation. Employee training programs, checklists and labor agreements. Complete manual of recipes and preparation instructions. The sale price includes full training, purchase of leases and transfers or guidance with permits and licenses.

  • Units:
    Operating business, Staff, Tangible assets, Intangible assets, Training and support

Geography and location

  • City:
  • Location characteristics:
    • By the water
    • By the sea (ocean)
    • In the residential area
    • Close to the industrial estate
    • In the crowded place
    • Near tourist attractions
    • Bottleneck location
    • Close to the underground station

Transaction terms

  • Price:
    $157 000 - $236 000
  • Deposit (payment in advance):
  • Timeframe for the deal:

Financial information

Monthly averages:

  • Cash Flow (per month):
    $5 200 - $7 900
  • Revenue (per month):
    $26 000 - $39 500


  • Price/Revenue:
  • Price/Profit (payback period):

Corporate issues

  • Legal form:
    Private company
  • Number of owners:
    • Passive owners
  • Share for sale:
  • Reason for selling:


  • Number of employees:
    2 - 10

Characteristics of tangible assets

  • Appraised value:
    $78 548
  • Tangible assets and working capital included in the asking price:
    • Equipment
    • Inventories
    • Furniture
  • Employee training programs, checklists and labor agreements.

Characteristics of intangible assets

  • Appraised value:
    (included in the asking price)
    $39 274
    • Licenses
    • Certificates
    • Software

Training and support

  • Help and support that you are ready to provide:
    • Organisational assistance
    • Location search 
    • Design
    • Organising / Management
    • Location analysis 
    • Marketing concept / Suggestions
    • Training and consultations
    • Primary training
    • Training at the company
    • Email consultations
    • Startup training
    • Exchange of experience / Partner meeting
    • Phone consultation
    • Studies
    • Marketing / Sales
    • Sales techniques
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Technical training
    • Product information
    • Software
    • Quality control

Additional information

  • Business growth potential:

Contact the seller

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- What is your time frame for the purchase?
- What is your experience?

Contact the seller

  • Type:

Contact the seller

Please be as specific as possible. The seller usually wants to know:
- How do you intend to purchase the business or asset?
- What is your time frame for the purchase?
- What is your experience?

Contact the seller

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