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Full Service HVAC Business In Nanaimo

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13.08.2017 at 03:41   

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Business description

This is a well-established home based business with a 1,300+ client list of steady customers that require their furnaces and heat pumps serviced annually. the company installs and repairs heating systems, heat recovery ventilators, both ductless and full heat pump systems, fireplaces, gas and electric hot water tanks as well as tankless hot water systems. this is a home based business being operated by the owner and his wife. he is the ticketed service technician while she answers phones and does the bookkeeping. the business includes two service vans, one is equipped for heating and the other for refrigeration work. quite often they will hire a refrigeration technician to operate the second vehicle during the busier summer months. they feel by increased marketing, a new buyer could keep the second vehicle busy year round. with fortisbc and various suppliers offering rebates of up to $1,000 for upgrading to high efficiency home heating furnaces and heat pumps, the seller feels this would be an ideal time for the business to increase its market share. expansion could include supplying heating and cooling systems for new home construction as well as the existing residential replacements. there is also a market for industrial refrigeration that the seller feels the company could expand into. this business is scalable from home based to a store front operation.

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    $123 939

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